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Our secure online form is fast and easy to complete and you can receive a decision fast. No hassle! No faxing.

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If approved, money could be in your account in next business day. Direct lenders only.

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Repay loan amount in Lump sum or installments. No prepayment cost.

Online Payday Loans from Direct Lenders

Loans which are disbursed to the customer by the payday loans direct lenders without involvement of any third-party agent or company, is known as a direct lender payday loan. A direct lender is a person, company etc. who is directly in charge of offering you loan, and you repay the same in designated repayment terms. The online payday loans direct lenders offer short term loans with an easy application process and instant approval of funding the amount. The repayment is finally made directly to the lender on the next payday.

This is in contrast to the companies who work as agents between online loans direct lenders and borrowers. You first fill in an application there, and then they further send the information to the real lender. Once analyzed and approved, the agent gets the information and communicates it to you. You needs to meet few eligibilities like:

  • You must be a valid citizen of USA.
  • You should have source of income with a valid income proof.
  • An operating bank account.
  • A valid email id and phone number for communication.

Direct Payday Lenders: No Third Party Involved

Direct payday lenders offer money to borrowers without third Party or broker involvement. Brokers or intermediaries have affected how the industry works and they might ask for your financial information and then sell it to the highest bidder. Security of your information as a borrower is important and it could affect your safety. Financial experts recommend that you look for a company who will give you cash directly. Dealing with intermediaries will only increase the total cost. Following are some safety measures ensured by online payday loans direct lenders.

As one of the most trusted short term loans direct lenders in America, we understand that you need quick personal finance at affordable rates, with easy approval in a swift manner. We also know that you want higher amounts of cash than what you usually get from other lenders. Therefore, we strive to provide immediate loans online over a 100% safe and secure platform with no application fees, no faxing, no collateral, no brokers, no lengthy lines and no credit checks involved. When your financer is direct lender your payday loans will have guaranteed approval instantly.

Benefits Payday Loans Online from Direct Lenders with Instant Approval

Easy Application Process

Easy online payday loans are known for their simplicity. Almost anyone can qualify the simple lending process. The application is completely online which makes it easy for applying and approval is also easy.


When you apply for easy online payday loans, you can do so feeling confident that your information will stay safe.

Fast Cash

One of the main reasons people apply for our easy online payday loans is because of how quickly they’re able to qualify and receive their much-needed cash. The application process itself takes no more than a few minutes, and the money will be given to you within a couple of hours or less.

No Credit Check

Unlike other financial institutions, we don’t ask you for your credit information. Regardless of how bad your credit score might be, we won’t ask you for it because you won’t need it to qualify for one of our payday loans.


When you apply for one of our payday loans, you won’t have to go to a bank and sit with an employee and explain your financial situation. Instead, you can take care of the entire process on the internet.

No Spending Restrictions

When you take out one of our payday loans, the money is yours to do with as you please. There’s no need to tell us why you need it—it’s good for anything! Just meet our requirements and fill out our application with valid information. We don’t need to know the rest.


Our payday loans are short-term, which means you should expect to pay them back once you receive your next paycheck.

Get Guaranteed Payday Loans Direct Lenders Only

If you are seeking a no broker fee loan that is affordable and does not hurt your credit score, then online paycheck advance from CashUSA24/7 is the safest alternative to third party loans and bank loans, respectively. The process is also very easy and hassle-free which you can do from the comfort of your home. Just fill in the online loan application form and wait for your required amount to get credited to your account.




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