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4 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score In 30 Days

The credit score is an important factor to look out and people are too keen nowadays on credit score and its repair. The four methods you can use to raise your credit score are

  • Become an authorized user
  • Pay the credit card debts
  • Negotiate with the lenders
  • Rectify the errors in the credit report

Become An Authorized User

You can become an authorized user by adding your name to an existing credit card user. It’s important for you to add your name to an account that is in good shape.
But, here the thing to remember that you are not the primary account holder of that particular account and if the account goes default, the authorized users should hold the complete responsibility.
Thus, if the credit card of that account had perfect repay history and a low rate of usage, then there is every chance for your credit score to improve as they report it to the credit bureaus.

Pay The Credit Card Debts:

Your credit utilization ratio plays a key role in your credit score. It is the comparison of your debt amount vs your credit card limit. You need to ensure that your credit utilization ratio should be under 15%. It has a high 30% impact on your credit score. Thus, pay your credit card bills and bring it to zero or close to zero. Thus, you can raise your credit score.

Negotiate With The Lenders

The lenders/debt collectors won’t hope full debt amount from you. Hence, this is the right chance for you to negotiate with them so that you can be classified as “paid”. Thus, it prevents your credit score from further drubbing and helps it to improve your credit score.

Rectify The Errors In The Credit Report

There may be a chance that there are some errors in your credit report. So, make a call to the creditors and ask them to stop the inaccurate report and to correct them. Write them a letter mentioning the same request and make a note of three big credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Transunion, and Equifax)

Make sure they took the necessary actions to rectify the errors or else, it may turn out even worse. We at CashUSA24/7 provides you with short term loans with absolutely zero credit score. So, you don’t have to worry about protecting your credit scores. We keep your account private and don’t let your credit score get damaged. Apply for the cash advance loans now.


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