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Is It A Good Idea To Opt For Debt Settlement?

It’s a sort of mixed answer. The debt settlement is good in some aspects and affects you in other aspects. It always feels good to pay much less than you owe. But the all-important credit score will take a huge beating. The debt settlement companies will even charge a handsome amount to settle your debts. Hence it isn’t as good an idea as it seems.

Reasons To Opt For Debt Settlement Companies

If you are having a real bad time with creditors calling you and showing up at your workplace then you may have to look for other alternatives. In the process, you may come across debt settlement companies and feel like they came as saviors. But it’s not the case.

The debt settlement companies generally negotiate for you with the creditors on your behalf. They instruct you to stop lifting the calls of the lenders and they advise you to make a one-time debt settlement. They make you send the payment to the debt settlement company until the entire debt amount gets collected. Yes, it’s true that your debts can be settled in a much lesser amount than you actually owe. But, you may not see the after-effects of your decision.

Why Debt Settlement Companies Are A Bad Idea To Choose

Nothing is obtained for ‘free’ and thus the debt settlement companies as well. They will charge a handsome 25% of your savings for the work they do. It doesn’t end here. It may prove costly for you in the future in many aspects.

In the aspect of credit ratings, as you don’t pay your bills on time, debt settlement severely damages your credit score. If you want to buy a house or something big, the credit score is a much important factor. In order to restore the credit score, it may even take you 7 long years.
In the aspect of paying less, it’s only visible as a whole that you have to pay a lesser amount than you owe. But, the debt settlement process deals with lump sums. even the minimum amount you can settle, you have to give 25% of the total amount.
In terms of paying it fast, the debt settlement companies themselves take a whole lot of time like two months to settle the debt with your lenders. Thus, don’t even make an assumption that debt settlement will happen in real quick time.

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