States that don’t allow cash advance loan lending

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Which States Don’t Allow Payday Lending?

There are 13 states that banned short term loan lending. That includes Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Vermont, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

What Led To The Ban On Payday Loans in Those States

This doesn’t mean a payday loan is an offensive affair. These states seem to have been unsuccessful to act according to the laws and they failed to create an organized payday lending system and failed to pick and solve the loopholes in their agencies.
Some payday loan lenders have exploited the short term loan system and imposed the interest rates as they wish. Their interest rates skyrocketed and this led to the downfall of their companies and their respective state governments to impose the ban on the concerned payday loan companies.

The States That Permit Low-Cost Payday Lending:

There are three state boards that allow payday loans but at the rates lower than typical rates in the United States.

Maine is one of those. Its state board permits 30% interest rates. But it permits 261% annual rates per annum for two-week loans of cost $250 and above.
New Mexico introduced an interest rate of 175% and also extended the minimum loan time to 120 days. They also permitted 4 payment spread instead of a single payment at the end.
Oregon permitted a one-month payday loan at a 154% interest rate and for any other loan, a 36% interest rate was imposed.
Despite the concern of state boards on the ban of payday loans, there is no federal ban on them. Many alternatives to payday loans started to rise and thus helping people who are struggling in an emergency financial crisis. If the short term loan lending system is organized, then the payday loans are the best way to fulfill your cash requirement.

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